I vote for party leaders who legislate to

 “ replace elected official of states, territories and federal of Australia who link or relate Australia to WAR with any foreign countries ”


                   in Australia 2022 Federal election



Australia circles by sea

            Our lands are beautiful, rich and rare

Advance Australia affair



Jack Neece conduct disqualified visa audit:


                        He dies for serving his country


                      You die of stupidity



Snow White & 7 Dwarfs Servants Lot of 4 Manufacture Ceramic Musical Dwarfs

4 dwarfs





Master owner chanting Miss Universal is mine


Slave cheering freedom



Anarchy shouting what about me


Left wing saying I am next


Democrat announcing equality to everyone


God is telling everyone I am the only one


Government agency announcing no transcendental experience



Closing down the hand uphold the biological gun


Civilise to decide on an election!




Miss Australians

SBS network + LINK <---LANGUAGE--->


            How can I make it in your language on the following sentence;


Easter Holiday 22,

                        Time to celebrate with a Vodka ?




Direct Mylee Hogan


Prerequisite orders


First order

            Every single lady must

            Be – competent or want to be head (if group max 3) of a political division


            Notice: I am NOT going to hold more than 4 hands means I might decide if the Australian Version guns come out in an excellent condition


Second order

            Prerequisite – first order

            Then discuss the size of a ring on Miss hand


Final order

            Prerequisite – first and second order

            No discussion of mother title it goes as you say yes

            No discussion of marry because it functions without marry



Derivative finance


Ms Monica Lewinsky 


Assets list


1 x Australian land title

$A sum

1 x 99 years free lease

$A sum

1 x Easement: personal shooting range

$A sum

1 x No marry title






Number x  Australian mother title






Present continuous tense (she is financing)


Financing London journey is worthwhile




Guest:  no kitchen
Host:   there is a bathroom
Guest:  i_can_see_the_demolition_of_the_kitchen




People think insurance will cover can drive without reservation at T time.

Children die at T+09X time because of an incident


Sympathetic or pathetic story